Friday, August 25, 2006

My Bride Reads "For Better or For Worse"

Yeah, Yeah I know.

She's hopelessly addicted to serial comics. If she only has one minute to read the comics, she doesn't hit Get Fuzzy, Dilbert, or Sheldon. She reads 9 Chickweed Lane, Pibgorn, Luann and For better or For Worse. I guess as long as it's not Doonesbury...

As you may know, FBoFW is apparently a real (but fictionalized) chronology of the Canadian author's life and family. If it were not fictionalized, the main character would have to be depicted running to a drawing table and sketching after everything that happens in her life (well, in the early years before the production company made the strips for her). Also there would have to be a re-occurring story line wherein the main character has a fight with her husband about something from their private life (like his hooker addiction) that went into the comic. This story line should pop up every 8-10 weeks and last for 2. Like being married to David Sedaris or a guy with a blog who wants to discuss your comic-reading habits with the world.

This lead to an outcry when, in order to "keep it real" she killed off their dog Farley in 1995. What choice did she have? You can't have the kids grow up and go to college and still have the dog that was around when they were born. So Farley kicked it and Edgar came in immediately. All I'm saying is, Edgar is almost 12 years old. That's a pretty good age for an Old English Sheepdog. Will she have the balls to kill off Edgar or will the fan base flip out? Or are they all too jaded now? Will the media accuse her of trying to perk up sales by resorting to previously successful tactics? Or is she just keeping with the timeline? There was a "Remembering Farley" book. Will Edgar deserve one? Or will it be its own franchise then? Will my grandkids be able to pick up the box set of "Remembering the Dead Sheep Dogs From 'For Better or For Worse'"?
There's so much to think about when you enter the world of the Patterson family. It's all crap anyway since we all know Canadians do nothing but sit around and badmouth Americans while waiting 14 months to get surgery for problems that are imminently life-threatening.

Farley is dead.

Edgar is old.

So, FBoFW now has this cute little bullshit feature on the webpage. Get this, the characters blink. Yep. They blink. No other movement. The faces all blink.


click this image to see honest-to-goodness comic blinking

Last night I said, "Why isn't this a part of our relationship that you try to hide from me?"

She said, "Why should I? You make no effort to hide your shameful hobbies."

"Like What?"

"Like listening to Van Halen!"

O.K. fine.

Marriage is about compromise.


Support the Farley Foundation if you live in Eastern Canuckia.


Blogger Robert Muñoz said...

I read For Better Or For Worse. Sort of.

Sunday, August 27, 2006 4:11:00 AM  

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