Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Onion hasn't made me laugh in years.

But this KILLED me!

My biggest complaint has been their lame political views creeping into their articles. I don't mind when cynical "humorists" depict everyone in government as a schmuck. But it has to be balanced lest you become a partisan stooge and a tool of a political party (Ya hear me, Trudeau?). Every once in a while one of these "balanced humorists" will lose the balance and start to show true colors and alienate half of his or her audience (Ya hear me, Berke Breathed??).

Now I hypocritically return to enjoy the Onion as they support a political idea near and dear to my heart in criticizing Nanny State politics. Thank God for those who know better than I and who seek to protect me from myself by legislating, legislating, and then legislating. Doesn't matter if it's seatbelts, smoking or pork rinds. We Plebs can't function unless a law has been passed and someone aside from ourselves can be made responsible.

The thesis is right here: The Flat Earth brand [is] "tailor-made for the small, vocal minority of health-conscious consumers who apparently can't just be content with salads, bananas, apples, or any of the literally thousands of fruits and vegetables already widely available."



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