Thursday, November 09, 2006

If you, like me, know the heartbreak of biting into BBs...

You can thank your lucky stars for this day. This is the day that you become aware of Season Shot.

Personally, I've eaten my share of BB-laden squirrels and fowl, and maybe a few fish. Maybe.

You'll be pleased to know that some industrious, entrepreneurial fellow has manufactured, or is about to manufacture shotgun shells that deliver a lethal payload of Cajun, Lemon Pepper or Honey Mustard Seasoning among others. This is just the latest of many great, relatively recent gastronomically-based inventions like the Cajun Injector, Turkey Deep Fryers and Turducken (God Bless the South, where we eat anything we find that hasn't been dead over 10 days).

He makes a pretty good point in that you do lose a bit of meat when cleaning shot from the animal and this is a much better alternative to befouling your food and its habitat with lead shot. Even so-called environmentally-friendly ammunition litters the landscape with debris to be ingested by wildlife.

I whole-heartedly support this.

What the Hell is a Martin, anyway? Jimm, age 7 with a Beaver Pelt, Squirrel Tail and what I believe is the pelt of a muskrat-type thingy.

Jimm with his step-dad, John, holding a Big ol' dead Beaver and grinning like an idiot.


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