Friday, November 17, 2006

Since there is a teeny chance you haven't seen this yet-

It's not like me to share something already so widely-known. But this is just that good. This is a video called "Kiwi!" and it's some dude's Masters project for his MFA degree. It's currently featured on Youtube and has had something like 2.6 million views. So I presume everyone has watched it. But I'll save commentary until after you've seen it, just in case you haven't.

I really don't think this was done for shock value. Sometimes doing the job right means you can only do it once.

MAN! What a lesson in pathos! I showed this to my bride. When it ended she simply exploded into tears, heartbroken forever and I'm basically a horrible person for ruining our night, and maybe our lives. We are sensitive people. And that is exactly how one should react--
This is why one reads! This is why we look at art! This is why we watch musicals and why movies exist! So that we may see ourselves, Dammit! And what a perfect score! Awesome music just sucks emotion out of you. I thrive on this kind of heartbreak. Let's me know I'm alive.

Janine points out that in 600 pages she couldn't be brought to give a shit about one character in Anna Karenina. But this little guy destroys your soul without a word.

You can wax philosophical about how to apply this to the human condition on your own time over your own beer, and I won't bore you with mine. I just thought it needed to be shared. This is not only a master's work in computer animation, this is a masters work in storytelling and film scoring. So simple yet so strong in 189 freaking seconds. So perfect from so many different directions.

Simply, beautiful.


Silliness. Just noticed someone posted this on a cabinet at work. I am flattered.


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