Friday, November 17, 2006

What is up Gary Busey's ass on Myspace?

Dude is like Ahab. I mean, seriously, can a star's life be ruined by a fake Myspace page or fan tribute page? Are people collecting money, pretending they will give it to charity? Are other people dumb enough to send it? Are people networking to get into film auditons intended for Gary Busey, in hopes that the director either A) Won't realize or B) Thinks you're a better actor anyway? At any rate, fucking with Gary Busey on Myspace has to be more fun than speculating Abe Vigoda's current breathing status.


Imposters and Fake Gary Busey Profiles
Category: MySpace

I am presently having many fake profiles removed from MySpace. If you find a fake profile not on this list, please notify me so I can have it dealt with.

Thank you,

Gary Busey


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