Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Scott Adams reads my Myspace Page

Or my Gmail. I pretty much have "When I was a kid, my only toy was a tetanus-covered stick" registered, copyrighted (copy-written? Coprophagia?) and trademarked. It's the only line I ever use that I actually made up and didn't steal from Steve Martin's "The Jerk".

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So of course this started a mad rush of people who needed to send this to me. Well, OK just a couple people. And one didn't actually send it, just "meant to". That's a veritable stampede as far as I'm concerned. I thought I could make it a little more correct with slight alteration:

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While we're talking about Dilbert I have to say that Wally is my personal hero and I strive to be more like him every day. I have to say I think I do a pretty good job.
I like Dilbert but I'm not a fanatic. It's consistently funny and his newsletter (DNRC) usually has something worthwhile to read. I've only recently noticed that Scott has uses uncensored language in his blog and the DRNC:

So there I sat, watching this DVD and feeling as if someone were slapping me in the nuts with a rake handle. The performances were spectacular, unfortunately, because that made the pain all the more real. And because the movie was well-made (in the same sense that the Boston Strangler was thorough) I felt some obligation to stick it out to the end.

My only criticism is that I miss Bob the Dinosaur.



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